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Fascinating Recommended Routes

Explore 13,676 km of coastline in Greece with a sailing yacht

Long white sandy beaches with turquoise crystal waters, small beaches surrounded by huge cliffs or pine and palm forests, beaches with waters as if bleached water was mixed with the blue color of the Mediterranean. The greek islands in all of their variety really do offer the ultimate in yacht charter destinations!!!

We have put together some suggested sailing routes for your holidays, all of which offer a variety of greek island experiences and cover the Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf, the Sporades Islands and the Dodecanese islands. 


On the south eastern side of Peloponnese this route combines beautiful islands and the magnificent eastern coast of the Peloponnese. Along this route you will explore many cosmopolitan towns, ancient temples, small peaceful fishing villages and unspoiled anchorages. This route is also highly recommended for easy sailing or for shorter periods of charter. In the Saronic Gulf the yachtsman will come upon the greatest concentration of yachts in Greece. Most of these are based at the marinas along the Attic coast from where a considerable number of charter companies operate. Many charter yachts follow the Saronic trail to Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses and to nearby harbours and anchorages, so if you wish to avoid the crowds in the summer, stay away from the charter yacht milk run and head to the eastern coast of the Peloponnese where there are unspoilt harbours and anchorages.


There are three significant historical centres in this area. Mycenae at the head of the Argolic Gulf was the center of the Mycenaean period, which succeeded the Minoans and provided the material for Homer’s epics. Athens was of course the centre of Classical Greece, although it is all too easy to attribute too much to this ancient city and forget the contributions to art, oratory, science and commerce from other city – states all over Greece. Lastly, the fleets of Hydra and Spetses were of major importance in determining the outcome of the War of Independence and both Nafplio and Aegina were at different times the capitals of the newly liberated Greece.

Wind and Sailing Conditions Easy to Intermediate

The Saronic, Argolic and eastern coast of the Peloponnesian Gulf is a very well protected cruising area with mild winds, averaging Force 3-4, usually from the North to North-East, ideal for relaxed sailing. In the Argolic Gulf, the wind is mostly in the summer, from the South-East, blowing Force 3-5. During spring and autumn the winds are normally weaker and blow from the South over the whole area. The Saronic area is divided into the coast around Athens and East Poros and Hydra were winds blow NE. The ‘Meltemi’ begins around mid July and builds up to full strength in August and early September, dying down towards the end of September. During that time it can be forced up to 5-6 (35 to 40 knots). In Argolikos Kolpos and Hydra the wind can also be SE. The ‘Meltemi’ is strong during lunch time and dies down at night. ‘The wind that comes from the mountains of the Peloponnese, ‘Katabatic’, can reach up to 30-35 knots butit only lasts a few hours.

One week intinerary from Alimos – Alimos

1st Day Alimos Marina Check-in at 17:00  
2nd Day Epidavros 31 NM
3rd Day Hydra Island 32 NM
4th Day Spetses Island 15 NM
5th Day Poros Island 26 NM
6th Day Aegina Island 13 NM
7th Day Alimos Marina 17 NM
8th Day Check-out at 9:00  

2 week itinerary from Alimos – Alimos

1st Day Alimos Marina Check-in at 17:00  
2nd Day Poros Island 29 NM
3rd Day Hydra Island 11 NM
4th Day Spetses Island 15 NM
5th Day Nafplio (Peloponnese) 23 NM
6th Day Astros (Peloponnese) 9 NM
7th Day Gerakas (Peloponnese) 41 NM
8th Day Monemvasia (Peloponnese) 8 NM
9th Day Leonidio (Peloponnese) 40 NM
10th Day Porto Heli (Peloponnese) 16 NM
11th Day Poros Island 27 NM
12th Day Epidavros (peloponnese) 22 NM
13th Day Aegina Island 15 NM
14th Day Alimos Marina 17 NM
15th Day Check-out at 9:00  

Travel Notes

From Alimos Marina, you can start your cruise. Alimos Marina, located 30 minutes from new Athens International Airport El. Venizelos, can be accessed by taxi and public bus, which departs every 15 minutes.



The Cyclades (from the Greek word for ‘rings’ or ‘circles’) is the central group of islands in the Aegean, so named because of the way they seem to surround Delos, the ancient centre of trade and worship. The Cyclades are well-known for their stark elemental landscape, white washed houses contrasted against the deep blue and azure colours of sky and sea, traditional windmills, narrow paths full of flowers, and most recently the never ending nightlife.

Wind and Sailing Conditions
Intermediate to Advanced level sailors

Due to the strength of the wind in summer, this group of islands is recommended only for experienced sailors. The majority of charter yachts that go out here, unlike in other parts of Greece, are mainly skippered or crewed charters. The prevailing wind in the summer is the “Meltemi”, which blows from the North / North West. It begins in June, blows stronger in July and August at Force 5-6 and may occasionally reach Force 8-9. It may blow for 1-3 days or it may sometimes blow for 2 weeks at a time. During spring and autumn, you may also have to deal with strong winds from the South. Anyone chartering a yacht is advised to take extreme care and check the weather reports regularly. The average temperature in the Cyclades during summer is 25 to 26 °C ( 79F ) and very often 33 to 35 °C ( 95F ).

The Cyclades islands consist of 3 main areas:

Northern Cyclades – Kea, Kithnos, Syros, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Delos and Rinia.
Middle Cyclades – Serifos, Sifnos, Antiparos, Paros, Naxos, Donoussa, Iraklia, Schinousa, Koufonissia, Amorgos and Levitha.
Southern Cyclades – Milos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Ios, Thira ( Santorini ) and Anafi.

One week itinerary from Athens / Lavrion

1st Day Alimos Marina Check-in at 17:00  
2nd Day Kea 40 NM
3rd Day Finikas (Syros Island) 32 NM
4th Day Paroikia (Paros Island) 23 NM
5th Day Livadhi (Serifos Island) 30 NM
6th Day Merihas (Kithnos Isand) 23 NM
7th Day Alimos Marina 25 NM
8th Day Check-out at 9:00  

2 week itinerary from Athens / Lavrion

1st Day Alimos Marina Check-in at 17:00  
2nd Day Voutkari (Kea Island) 37 NM
3rd Day Ermoupolis (Syros Island) 34 NM
4th Day Tinos Island 11 NM
5th Day Mykonos Island 10 NM
6th Day Naousa (Paros Island) 20 NM
7th Day Ios Island 32 NM
8th Day Santorini Island 21 NM
9th Day Folegandros Island 25 NM
10th Day Adhamas (Milos Island) 34 NM
11th Day kamares (Sifnos Island) 24 NM
12th Day Livadhi (Serifos Island) 12 NM
13th Day Merihas (Kithnos Island) 21 NM
14th Day Alimos Marina 45 NM
15th Day Check-out at 9:00  

Travel Notes

Flights direct to El Venizelos Airport, Athens. You can start your route from Athens Alimos Marina (Kalamaki), or Lavrion (Main Port). Several daily ferries and fast ferries from Piraeus to main islands.


The Dodecanese, which means ‘ the Twelve Islands’ in Greek, lie in a crescent chain down the Asiatic Turkish coast curving west towards Crete. The name “Dodecanese” is of comparatively recent origin.


The islands are for the most part bare of vegetation although not to such an extent as the Cyclades. Several of the islands with abundant natural springs, notably Kos and Rhodes, are relatively green and wooded.

Wind and sailing conditions Intermediate to Advanced

In the summer the prevailing wind is the meltemi blowing from the NW-W. It starts fitfully in June, blows strongly in July through to September and again fitfully in October. In the summer months it regularly blows Force 4-6 and may on occasion reach Force 7.

It does not blow every day, but may blow without break for 5-10 days. When the meltemi is blowing at full strength in July and August the gusts off the lee side of an island can be considerably stronger than the wind strength in the open sea. Gusts are particularly strong off Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos, Nissyros, Tilos, Karpathos and Astypalea. In the comparatively open stretch of sea between Astypalea and Karpathos a large and distributed sea is set up when the meltemi blows for days on end. Although it is possible to go N when the meltemi is blowing, it makes better sense to plan to be heading S in July and August. The typical short seas it sets up make sailing or motoring to windward arduous and tiring. In spring the Meltemi blows mainly SE and is not very strong. During the winter it usually blows SE and sometimes N or S. Temperatures in the summer can reach 35 degrees Celsius.

One week itinerary from Rhodes

1st Day Mandraki Marina Check-in 17:00
2nd Day Simi Island 23 NM
3rd Day Palos (Nisiros Island) 32 NM
4th Day Kos Island 21 NM
5th Day Tilos Island 35 NM
6th Day Halki Island 14 NM
7th Day Mandraki Marina 37 NM
8th Day Check-out 9:00

2 week itinerary from Rhodes

1st Day Mandraki Marina Check-in 17:00
2nd Day Simi Island 23 NM
3rd Day Palos (Nisiros Island) 32 NM
4th Day Kos Island 21 NM
5th Day Leros Island 27 NM
6th Day Patmos Island 20 NM
7th Day Lipsos Island 10 NM
8th Day Levitha Island 23 NM
9th Day Kalimnos Island 27 NM
10th Day Astipalaia Island 39 NM
11th Day Tilos Island 53 NM
12th Day Halki Island 14 NM
13th Day Lindos (Rhodes Island) 49 NM
14th Day Mandraki Marina 23 NM
15th Day Check-out 9:00

1 week itinerary from Kos

1st Day Kos Marina Check-in 17:00
2nd Day Nisiros 23 NM
3rd Day Tilos 20 NM
4th Day Halki 17 NM
5th Day Rhodes 36 NM
6th Day Simi 23 NM
7th Day Kos Marina 60 NM
8th Day Check-out 9:00

2 week itinerary from Kos – Cyclades – Kos

1st Day Kos Marina Check-in 17:00
2nd Day Leros 42 NM
3rd Day Patmos 20 NM
4th Day Amorgos 40 NM
5th Day Skinousa 25 NM
6th Day Ios 25 NM
7th Day Folegandros 20 NM
8th Day Santorini 30 NM
9th Day Anafi 18 NM
10th Day Astypalea 30 NM
11th Day Tilos 48 NM
12th Day Rhodes 35 NM
13th Day Simi 26 NM
14th Day Kos 35 NM
15th Day Check out 09:00


The island of Rhodes has dominated this part of the Aegean since ancient times. The islands were under turkish occupation until 1912. Despite the long period of their occupation they remained Greek. After the Venetian war the islands were under Italian occupation until the second world war. In 1947 they became Greek again.

Travel notes

Direct flights to Rhodes, Kos and Samos.

Ferries and fast ferries daily from Pireaus


The Sporades islands lie in the north west Aegean, near the peninsula of the south Pelion mountains. The closest mainland city is Volos, in the Pegasitic gulf, from where Jason began his legendary voyage in the Argo. Although Skiathos is one of the most popular holiday destinations in central or northern Greece, with the most famous beaches, the remaining Sporades islands (Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros) are relatively unspoilt. Evia is the island which lies parallel to mainland Greece. The inner route up the narrow gulf between Evia and the mainland is more frequently travelled by sailors coming up from Athens, there being sheltered waters and many safe harbours and anchorages. Along the east coast of Evia there are a few anchorages sheltered from the prevailing wind.

Wind and Sailing Conditions for yacht charter holidays from Skiathos and the Sporades islands Sailing Level – Easy to Intermediate

The prevailing wind in the summer is the “Meltemi”, blowing from the Northeast, Force 3-4, although occasionally in July and August wind blows stronger from a North-West direction with a force 4-6 and dies at the end of September. The Sporades Islands hug the east coast of central Greece. Beautiful white sandy beaches, unspoiled anchorages, ancient ruins and abundant sea life, will offer you a sense of exploration and independence. So, let the beauty of the islands, forests, beaches, villages, churches and castles take you on a journey back in time. Our base, which is about 15 minutes from Skiathos airport, is an ideal starting point, for a journey to explore the Sporades and the coast of northern Greece.

1 week itinerary from Skiathos

1st Day Skiathos Marina check-in at 17:00  
2nd Day Skopelos Island 20 NM
3rd Day Linaria (Skiros Island) 42 NM
4th Day Paignio (Kira Panagia island) 40 NM
5th Day Patitiri (Alonissos Island) 13 NM
6th Day Koukounaries (Skiathos Island) 25 NM
7th Day Skiathos Marina 6 NM
8th Day Check-out at 9:00  

2 week itinerary from Skiathos

1st Day Skiathos Marina check-in at 17:00  
2nd Day Skopelos 20 NM
3rd Day Patitiri (Alonissos Island) 7 NM
4th Day Linaria (Skiros Island) 37 NM
5th Day Paignio (Kira Panagia) 40 NM
6th Day Porto Koufo 40 NM
7th Day Kalithea (Halkidiki) 23 NM
8th Day Porto Carras (Halkidiki) 22 NM
9th Day Zagora (Volos) 48 NM
10th Day Trikeri (Volos) 43 NM
11th Day Orei (Evia) 18 NM
12th Day Glifa (Volos) 6 NM
13th Day Koukounaries (Skiathos) 24 NM
14th Day Skiathos 6 NM
15th Day Check-out at 9:00  


Skiathos took part in wars against the Persians and in 478 BC, became a part of the Athenian Alliance. Later it was occupied by Alexander the Great and then by the Romans.

During the Byzantine period it sank into oblivion. In 1204 Skiathos was conquered by the Venetians and in 1583 by the Turks. It was then that the inhabitants of the old town, built on the site of present-day Skiathos, abandoned it and constructed on the north side of the island the famous Kastro, perched on a nearly invisible rock. During the Greek War of Independence of 1821, many warriors from Thessaly opposite, took refuge on the island.

Skiathos was liberated in 1823. In 1830, the local people, left the historic Kastro and rebuilt Chora.

Travel notes

Direct flights to Skiathos, Skyros, Nea Ancheallos (Volos), Thessaloniki or Athens. Regular charter flights operate between May – late September direct to Skiathos and Skyros from most European cities, and from Athens, Olympic airways. Remember, if you are planning to have just a sailing holiday, it is better to arrive in Skiathos directly on a Saturday, to pick up your boat, but there are many alternatives. Ferries depart daily from Volos to Skiathos, Skopelos, Glossa, Alonissos, Skyros (information – tel: ++30 4210 38888) and from Ag. Konstantinos (166 km on the Athens – Lamia highway on the mainland). Direct connection to Ag.Konstantinos by bus from Athens. We can also arrange for you to be picked up by taxi for a reduced fee, should you decide to fly to Athens or Thessalonika. Please let us know if this is convenient for you well in advance.

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